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About Us

Fatrav.com is a danish travel search engine that was made because we believe traveling can be much cheaper then when you search normal hotels websites or flight websites.

We do not have a limited amount of hotels because we do not need to have the deal with hotels that first have to find us to get on our website. We search over a 1000 websites around the world for hotel prices so we always can give you the cheapest price on the selected hotel room that you want.

We also have a deal with 728 airlines which are listed on our website when you search a location anywhere in the world. We will always list the cheapest price on the date and if cheaper 4 days earlier or later. We also have a Multi-city option that allow you to find more then one flight to more then one location at one time and dates.

We work hard everyday to gain more websites to  our search engine so we always will be finding you the cheapest price on location.

We think big and always working on new updates that will help you on your travels like train tickets and car rentals which will come on a later stage.