Now after soon 4 months of being an active company can we now tell a bit more about what we want to add to the website to make things easier for you to plan your travel/vacation.

Beside always looking for new partners so we will have more websites to search so you always get the best price will we have these things planned aswell.

Car Rental

We want to implement Car rental so you can find the perfect car to use on your travels when you fly to another country and don’t have your car with you so you can come around easy on your vacation / travel.

Train Tickets

Trains are usefull when you are on a vacation/trip if you have to travel longer distances from the airport or other city’s/areas that you wanna visit ¬†on your vacation/trip.

Priority pass

priority pass to airport business lounges will be a thing so you can order flight tickets with priority pass.

We also work on adding more offers to the website since its not every country that is supported by the offers, If your not sure what we mean by offers can you visit and change the language to british english and see this

We are working hard everyday to make the website better for everyone and we update the website monthly with all the new updates we make no matter if its design tweaks or new features to the website.



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