So its soon time for the next ESL pro league in Counter Strike and this time will it be hold in home city in Denmark. the two biggest danish CSGO teams have been confirmed to be playing the league which is North and Astralis.

So for you who wanna go to this event we would like to tell you a bit about our beautiful city.

Odense is one of the oldest city’s ever build in Denmark and even so old we can say over 1000 years old. The city was the home of the famous write Hans Christian Andersen which story’s have been told worldwide.

You can visit his home in the center of his city of the well preserved old city of Odense.

Odense is a fastly growing city that want to be a big city, there is a lot of building and road work going on to make the dream of becoming a much bigger city.

Odense is a city with over 200.000 citizens and growing with a lot of options to have fun in the night life of Odense with various bars and places to eat that you can go to after the event. We even have a big shopping mall with over 250 shops close to the event that you can have a visit in and shop or even eat lunch or dinner.

Odense is also known as a bike city where a lot of people ride their bikes instead of taking the car. You can rent city bikes inside the city to a low rate which is automaticly charged on your card so remember to turn in the bike so you wont be charged more then needed.

Here is a list of things you can do in Odense.

  • Odense Zoo
  • The Funen Village (old Viking village)
  • Danish Railway Museum
  • Funen’s Art Museum
  • Odense City Museum
  • Hans Christian Andersen Museum
  • Brandts
  • Møntergården
  • Hans Christian Andersen’s Childhood home
  • Munke Mose
  • King’s Garden
  • H.C. Andersen Haven
  • Tidens Samling
  • Art Gallery Filosoffen
  • St. Alban’s Church, Odense
  • Tusindsårsskoven
  • Funen Military historical Museum
  • Rosengårdcenteret
  • Funky Monkey Park

This is some of the things that you can do in Odense, why not find a Hotel with ?

All there now is to say is welcome to Odense!


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