Philadelphia, Spring

The discerning tourist to the United States of America will know that Philadelphia has a lot to offer them rather than the glitter, sights, shows, and amusement parks of the other cities, which are usually the most favoured by most tourist packages.

Unforgettable Monuments

It might be a shock to many that before Washington D.C. became the capital of the USA, that proud title was held by Philadelphia till 1799. This is why it is a must to view the many iconic historical tourist attractions in Philadelphia, when making a stop here. Besides this, Philadelphia has got an excellent transport system which is very easy and economical to use for those tourists who would like to spend more than a day or two visiting the unbelievable treasure trove of cultural places and exhibits that it has to offer. Their transport system is well known internationally, and its ever growing popularity could be because it is so easy to cover the whole city. Besides these iconic open-topped buses, Philadelphia also offers their visitors walking tours, normal buses, vans, cars, trolleys, and single-decker bus tours.

Cultural Diversity

For the historical and cultural tourist and/or visitor, Philadelphia has a lot to offer and to visit, study, and enjoy each of these attractions may entail more than a couple of days. Based on research, the top 10 places to visit in Philadelphia include the Liberty Bell, Constitution Center, Independence Hall, The City Hall, the Philadelphia Art Museum, the Franklin Institute, Betsy Ross House, the Mutter Museum, the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts, and the National Liberty Museum. These institutions are so unique that similar places could never come close to it in other cities. But Philadelphia has got a lot more to offer than just historical and cultural places; it is also has a large number of ale and beer breweries as well as the famous Philadelphia cheesesteak.

Transport Advantages

The advantage of using Philadelphia’s unique Hop-on/Hop-off concept when using their iconic red colored, double-decker, open-topped buses are that it gives tourists and visitors the advantage of visiting specific sites of individual interest. It also helps to give tourists the freedom to explore the many historical tourist attractions in Philadelphiawhich may be on their wish list. This kind of liberty is not allowed in many conducted tours, because of the tight schedules and the number of places they try to visit in a short time frame. When it comes to making a cultural tour of Philadelphia, the National Constitution Center in Philadelphia is top of the list; it gives visitors an insight and opportunity to see the numerous historical documents and transcripts which are stored carefully highlighting the United States’ struggle for independence.

“The city of brotherly love” as Philadelphia is also known, has many historically important buildings, museums, and destinations for visitors keen on studying American history.

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