Houston, which is one of the largest metropolises in the state of Texas is worth exploring. A large number of travellers land in Houston everyday for both, business and holiday purposes. While visiting a new place, one of the most underlying requisites is to book an accommodation which you can call home during your stay in the city.

When you are in Houston, you have two underlying options to choose from for the accommodation, and these include – conventional hotels and the weekly hotels in Houston, Texas.

While the regular hotels offer the standard facilities, the extended stay hotels or weekly hotels are different in many aspects, and this is one of the reasons behind their growing popularity. Here are the top reasons to book a weekly hotel in Houston for your next visit.

Value For Money

Unlike a regular hotel, you don’t need to pay per night in a weekly stay hotel. These extended stay hotels charge the weekly rates, which are far lesser than the price that you would end up paying at a conventional hotel for a week long stay.

The longer you stay, the lesser you pay. These hotels offer value for money with an array of amenities to ensure that you feel at home during your stay.

Attractive Deals

While booking an extended stay hotel, you are likely to get attractive deals and discounted rates easily. Apart from affordability, there’s a lot more that the weekly hotel deals in Houston can offer you. Many of these hotels offer complimentary breakfast, evening snacks and many more facilities which are difficult to find in a conventional hotel. Also, these types of hotels offer huge discounts for the longer stays.

Ideal Locations

One can easily find a weekly hotel in Houston in the major metro areas and centralised locations. When you are trying to book a weekly hotel in the city, you are presented with a broad spectrum of choices, and you can also narrow down your search by mentioning your preferred locations. Most of the weekly stay properties are located near highways, which make it easier for the guests to commute anywhere in the city without any hassles. Needless to say, one can find a plethora of retail stores, restaurants and much more, which simply enhance the comfort for the guests.

In-Room Kitchen Facility

Almost all the weekly hotels in Houston are equipped with an in-room kitchenette, which implies you don’t have to eat the food from outside if you don’t want to. Cooking your own meal is an added advantage, as it can help you save money and furthermore, you don’t have to compromise with your health. You can cook your own meals in the fully equipped kitchens and enjoy them in the dining area provided in the room.

Home Like Comfort

Most of the hotel rooms may feel sparse, because they are often festooned with a bed, a television, a couple of chairs and a coffee maker. But, on the flip side, the weekly hotels are designed for the extended stays and thus, are swathed with the creature comforts which one is used to at home. The typical amenities in a weekly hotel include refrigerators, study tables, a small lobby, a dining area, sofas and much more. The design of the room is also unique and it lets you feel as if you are in your home.

Ideal For Business Travellers

When you are on the road for a business trip, or when your job requires you to travel for a large part of the year, maintaining normalcy in your routine is very important. A hotel room, which is small and limited to just a bed and a small balcony might not give you the comfort you seek. But, a weekly stay hotel is ideally designed while keeping the requisites of a business traveller in consideration. With amenities like complimentary breakfast, in-room kitchenette, a work desk and some sofas, you can consider the room as your home away from home.

The aforementioned reasons signify that how a weekly stay hotel is one of the best options to choose while visiting Houston.


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