Traveling to Dubai in the UAE is not cheap. Even though the local currency is practically “one-for-one” for the Real, prices are not exactly affordable, especially when it comes to food and drink (alcoholic not even think, a beer in a bar can cost 40 AED).

But panning well, you can find very good sightseeing tours to do in Dubai. Let’s list some places below.

Old Dubai:

The city of Dubai is quite famous nowadays for its modernity, its gigantic shopping malls and the tallest buildings in the world. But it still retains its traditions, especially in relation to its religion, and much of it can be found in the region which they call “Old Dubai”.

To get there we descend at Al Ghubaiba metro station, green line, and just walk a little to reach the main points to be visited:

Dubai Creek:

It is the river that cuts through the city, it is very beautiful to see, but the best way to get to know it is to catch an Abra, those small boats that are used to cross to another shore and which costs only 1 AED.

The boats Open to cross the Dubai Creek The boats Open to cross the Dubai Creek

Dubai Heritage Village:

It is an area that aims to emulate an old village and home to several craft shops and spaces for cultural events, as well as a small museum about free fishing.

Al Bastakiya:

It is a small historical neighbourhood with old houses, restaurants and museums (which we will talk about below). It’s pretty cool to see what the homes of Dubai’s former residents were like.


The free trade shows in Dubai are called Souks and are known for their pushy sellers and diversity of fabrics, spices and (!!!) gold. Nowadays, these fairs are much more organized and end up selling practically everything.

The main Souks are in the Deira region and we recommend visiting:

Gold Souk:

It is probably the most famous. This fair has dozens of shops specializing in products made with gold and the ride can serve only as a curiosity or even to buy a golden souvenir of the trip.

Deira Grand Souk:

It is a fair is very extensive, confusing it with other souks, like the one of spices and fabrics. Here you will really have a small experience of how traders and their transactions were in the old days.


We visited a few museums in Dubai, pretty much all close to the Old Dubai area. The value of the tickets range from free up to 3 AED per person and really are a great experience to get to know more of the history of the city and the UAE itself. All have information in English and their themes range from historical events, formation of society, evolution of religion, teaching system and calligraphy.

Sheikh Saeed Al Maktoum’s House:

It is the home of the former ruler of Dubai, now a museum. In addition to knowing what a former high society house was like, it keeps several photographs and very interesting objects.

Dubai Museum:

The museum built in Fort Al Fahidi, the oldest building in the city, surprised. He presents various objects, replicas and montages of situations such as hunting, camping, study and marriage.


Dubai has the largest shopping malls in the world. Do not think it’s a joke when they say that, inside these centers you can find Aquariums, Amusement Parks, Skating Rinks and even a Ski Center. So even if shopping in a mall is not your beach, being in Dubai, they are one of the most important sights.

Dubai Mall:

With more than 1,200 stores in a built area of more than half a million square meters, this is the largest shopping mall in the world and the main point of visit of the city. Mainly for two major attractions: it is for him to visit the Burj Khalifa, the largest estate in the world; and also here are the famous fountains with presentations of dancing waters, lights and music.

View of the Burj Khalifa at the fountains of Dubai Mall Presentation of the dancing waters at the Dubai Mall fountains

Mall of Emirates:

It is the second largest mall in Dubai and well known for owning a ski mountain within it. Yes, the mall has an indoor ski station. Everything is great at the Mall of the Emirates

Ibn Battuta Mall:

It is the mall that is next to the hotel that we stayed in and is also very beautiful. The most interesting is that it is themed based on the voyages of explorer Ibn Battuta, its areas are divided and set in countries like China, India, Tunisia and Egypt. Marina Walk:

It is a calcadao of almost 2 kilometres of extension and that is well famous by the enormous buildings along its channel, besides of course of the diverse boats and yachts that are possible to see there. Besides a good walk, you can eat well in one of its restaurants and bars.

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