Using our search engine to find your hotel and flight for the city you want to have your holiday in is very easy to do. We update our website all the time to make it easier for our users to find what they need for the next travel they need to go on. In this case will we do a London to New York city to show you how easy it is to find your travel to a good price.

First will you need to fill out the data like locations of the airports you wanna fly from and to. Then after that should you pick the date you wanna fly on and what date you wanna fly home on ( note you wont need a return date to search). Then you would need to chose how many there is going on the flight and if you want business class on the flight and then press search to load all flights. Also notice that you can add multi flights if you need to fly to more locations and do not go home directly from the first location.

Here will the full list of all flights from London to New York City be listed and the cheapest first, you might notice that flights that aren’t direct is cheaper sometimes depending on the location you fly to and from. You can click on show more on all the offers in the search to see what websites that have this flight you looking at and see how much the search have saved you. Beside that will it show all the flight information that you need to know about your flight and even a direct link to the offer so you can share the offer with who you might travel with.

If you want to change times and prices and all that can you do a more direct search changing the information in the left side of the website to be more direct on what you need. Even if you just wanna check on different airlines instead of them all at once.

What you can change.

  • All tickets or the best tickets
  • sort it by Price, travel time, early flights or late flights
  • Numbers of stops
  • Duration of stops
  • The price of the airfares
  • Departure and Arrival times (clock and date)
  • Connecting airports
  • Airlines
  • Airports (only in the searched citys)
  • Online Travel Agencies

You might also notice in the top of the search it shows 7 days including the date you searched where it possible could be cheaper then you found it to on the date so you have a chance on saving more money on your travel.

When you are ready to book your flight just click book and we will redirect you to the offers website where you will fill out the information they need to book the flight for you and you have now done the first part of your travel.


Now will we do the same on the hotel search. The hotel search ask nearly about the same when you will search. If you dont know any hotels in the area can you just search on the city and all the hotels in that area will show up.

On here can you see everything about the offer and if you want more information can you just click on the name and you will see all information about the hotel and even photos from the hotel. The starts are how many stars the hotel is rated as and the green square shows the over all rating from its customers. if you open a hotel page can you see how many websites there have the hotel on their website and sometimes can you save up to a 1000 dollars on searching the hotel room trough us.

You can as on the flight search change the filters for your needs.

  • Price per night
  • Star Rating
  • Guest Rating
  • Property type (Hotel, Motel, Apartment and so on)
  • Distance from city center
  • Room Facility ( Air conditioning, Hairdryer and so on)
  • Facility (babysitting, gym and so on)
  • Room options (Breakfast included, Free wifi and so on)

You have a lot of options to find what you need with us so get on going with searching and hey its 100% free to use our search so search all you want to you find something you like for your holiday.

Try out the search



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